CSS descramblers

Now DeCSS source code is illegal in Finland. I do not want to incite anybody to break the law, so you should not keep decss source code (or binary) on the net. Nor on a t-shirt (DeCSS).

Here is an extremely simple GF(2) adder, i.e. XOR program. It cannot be illegal, right?
This is completely random stuff. Random bits cannot be illegal, can they?
This is also completely random, so it must be legal too, right?
Both are obtained by the information theory equivalent of dd if=/dev/random of=page.rX count=9947 bs=1.

Let me emphasize that neither of the pages contain pseudo random data, they both, yes both, contain truly random data. Or as random as I can create without special hardware. Note: the randomness holds only if you investigate the pieces independently (without knowledge of the other). This is quite obvious, I think ...

If I were you I would not do

${CC} -o add add.c base64 -d c-anonymous_page1.txt c-anonymous_page1.r1 base64 -d c-anonymous_page2.txt c-anonymous_page1.r2 add c-anonymous_page1.r1 c-anonymous_page1.r2 c-anonymous.c
Doing it might get you to own illegal stuff. How would I know? I have not done it myself ;-).

Isn't it scary that Finnish parliament has made random stuff illegal?

Actually you can hide anything the way I did, even questionable stuff. Search for "secret sharing" if you want to know more. Or download Visual for a graphic demonstration.

What is scary is that it is illegal to discuss about things like DeCSS! So this page is illegal, according to the new law ("Lex Karpela"). So, although on my break MicroEmacs encryption page no copy protection is broken, its legality is a bit shaky. See, the encryption can be trivially used for copy protection.

Soon I think I have to install Tor just to be able to communicate with my friends.

All original stuff (add.c, c-anonymous_page1.txt and c-anonymous_page2.txt) on this page is put into Public Domain by the author (me). For more similar and different stuff see this, btw illegal, mirror.

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